Tape Opreviews our SP-5 studio headphones


Gus Berry, writing for Tape Op, reviews our SP-5 studio headphones and comes to the following conclusion:

  • “According to ADAM Audio, the SP-5s ‘were engineered with a specific goal in mind – to allow professional musicians, producers and engineers access to a portable form of monitoring with the excellent transient response and tonal balance of ADAM Audio’s professional monitor speakers.’ I have to say; they’ve really done just that.”
  • “At first, I did some critical listening to records I know very well, and the results were astonishing. I’d never heard headphones quite like this. Because of the S-Logic Plus technology, there is incredible space and depth to the soundstage.”
  • “One of the coolest features of these headphones is that they provide even and balanced power at high and low volumes, leading to virtually no ear fatigue.”
  • “If a studio has the budget to buy these headphones for their session musicians, it would be money well spent. They’re comfortable, transparent, sturdy, and well-built, which is crucial for gear that gets used and abused every day.”
  • “They’re also transparent, which is crucial during tracking sessions. The imaging and depth are exceptional, and they’re easy to listen to for hours.”

“If you’re looking to upgrade from your old, cheap classics, I can’t think of a better pair of headphones to consider than the SP-5s – I’ve already got a pair of my own now!”

The complete review can be read here.