Sound on Soundreviewed our S3V studio monitor

The ADAM Audio S3V studio monitor is reviewed by Sound on Sound

The renowned magazine Sound on Sound reviewed our S3V midfield monitor

Bob Thomas, author for Sound on Sound, reviewed our S3V midfield monitor:

  • “In order to improve on the X‑ART’s already impressive high‑frequency performance, the S3V’s S‑ART tweeter (also hand‑made in the Adam factory in Berlin) is built using a higher‑precision manufacturing process, followed by a more stringent post‑factory testing regime.”
  • “The mid‑range reproduction is simply excellent, its precise and clear delineation taking over from the bass driver and continuing seamlessly up to where the new S‑ART tweeter takes over.”
  • “The S3V comes across to me as an extremely high‑quality monitor designed primarily for the truly professional end of the recording, broadcast and film industries. It delivers the audio performance required of those markets and the attention to detail in its design, the quality of its construction, together with Adam’s commitment to support, will doubtless make the S3V a competitor to be reckoned with.”
  • “A significant amount of investment in time, money and R&D has obviously gone into this new S Series, which bodes well for its (and Adam Audio’s) longevity and which, I am certain, will enable professional studios — and anyone else whose livelihood depends on the performance and reliability of their monitors — to invest with confidence in the S3V and its stablemates.”

“Given its price and the overall excellence of its audio performance, the S3V seems certain to write a new and highly successful chapter in the renaissance of Adam Audio under the leadership of David Angress.”

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