S3X-H reviewed by Audiofanzine!


Berlin, June 1, 2010

The online portal audiofanzine.com has checked out the horizontal version of S3X. The main question was: can the new model really outperform its predecessor, the S3A, one of the most famous ADAM studio monitors ever? Is it a real innovation or just an upgrade of a tried and trusted version? Read for yourself!

“You’ll immediately notice the huge output volume the monitor can produce. In spite of the slightly larger dimensions compared to its predecessor, the S3X-H delivers much more output power at the same input level (and with flat settings on the control panel). The sound pressure level produced by these monitor speakers really surprised me — the difference with the S3A is pretty obvious. Even though I had read the technical documentation several times and was expecting a difference, it really shocked me!

Second surprise: the high-end response. The new tweeter really sounds more accurate. What a change compared with the previous model! To be totally honest, it really caught me off guard because I didn’t expect such a difference in the frequency response (once again with flat settings). […] The stereo imaging of the S3X is simply incomparable with the previous model. Every sound source is perfectly defined in the stereo panorama with an exceptional precision. The stereo center is also very accurate, probably due to the new midrange driver. The sweet spot is very wide so you can be sure you’ll get a well defined stereo imaging regardless of the room (within certain limits, of course…).

Conclusion: […] Fans of the previous series — especially the S3A — might be really surprised by this evolution, considering the difference, in every aspect, between both models. The accuracy, spectral definition, stereo imaging, increased output power, and improved overall design of the S3X make it a perfectly reliable active monitor that can certainly find its place in any serious setup.”

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