The S2X got its first offical review!


Berlin, February 15, 2010

After a series of glowing reviews of both versions of the new S3Xs, now the next smaller model, the S2X, has been reviewed for the first time. In Issue 82 (January 2010), the british magazine MusicTech made no bones about its enthusiasm for this “Sonic sensation”:

“We started off with a classical string quartet recording and let´s just say right away that the S2Xs floored us. Several adjectives spring to mind […] – wide open, transparent, effortless, breathtaking realistic, loud, dynamic, involving… […] If you close your eyes and continue listening, the S2Xs seem to ‘disappear’ almost entirely. […] you gradually become less aware that you´re listening to speakers because they´re like an open window on the music itself. […] Result: These monitors are up there with the best we´ve tried so far…”

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