S2X: "Uncompromising work tool"


Berlin, March 19, 2010

www.96kHz.de, a German professional audio portal, has reviewed ADAM´s studio monitor S2X with special regards to the differences to its predecessor, the S2A. Their conclusion reads as follows:

“Due to the X-ART tweeter the S2X has a very accurate and transparent high-frequency response at all volumes of monitoring without appearing strained. […] The woofer provides a very tidy but powerful bass and midrange. […] In the whole frequency range the impulse response is accurate – every single sound detail is on the spot – from a deep explosion to the drop of a pin.
Compared to its predecessor S2A, the S2X puts on in sound pressure, transparency and transformation quality. These monitors are an uncompromising work tool for everyone who means business at music or post production.”
(www.96kHz.de, 03/2010)

You can find the full german review here.