Recording Magazine A5X Review


Berlin, August 19, 2014

In the September edition of Recording Magazine author Mike Metley compares the ADAM A5X with the legacy A5 model. Please read the conclusion of that review below.

“I’ve said it before and it bears saying once more in conclusion; the A5X simply takes the great sonic performance of the original A5 and gives you more of everything—more treble extension, more bass power, more headroom without distortion, more clarity. The AX Range has not been rendered irrelevant at the lower price points by the introduction of ADAM’s very affordable F Range; like the A3X, the A5X is an uncompromising small monitor that discerning small-studio owners will find a true and loyal ally in their tracking and mixing work. As much as I love the A5, it’s going to be difficult to go back now that I’ve heard what the A5X can do.”

Mike Metley, Recording Magazine, September 2014

You can find the full review in the review section of the A5X.