Recording Magreviews our Studio Pro SP-5 headphone

The ADAM Audio SP-5 headphone is reviewed by Recording Mag

Mike Metlay, writing for Recording Mag, reviews our first premium headphone, the Studio Pro Sp-5, and says the following:

  • “The first thing you’ll notice about the SP-5 sound is the stereo image, which is wide and extremely detailed, more than you’d be used to on conventional phones.”
  • “There is a clear left/right separation and a phantom center image that seems to float not in the center of your head but ever so slightly in front of you, making for very easy examination of individual sound sources in a mix. It’s startling at first, but as I said—seductive.”
  • “Bass on the SP-5 is a treat—extremely tight, with fast transient response and a deep enveloping bottom octave, unbelievable on grand piano and bass.”
  • “The highs are clear and sweet without being shrill or harsh, revealing the complex treble details of live instruments while tracking and of high-resolution sound files on playback.”

“Thank those smart folks at ADAM Audio for bringing this amazing headphone technology to a wider audience in such a professional and elegant way.”

The complete review can be read here.