Professional Audioreviewed our new T8V nearfield monitor

audio review professional audio T8V

Simon Kramer, author for Professional Audio, tests our new T8V nearfield monitor and draws the following conclusion:

  • “Of course ADAM Audio remains true to itself and also delivers the brand new T8V in black. Noble, chic, just as one has come to know, appreciate and love the Berliners’ products and how they are a real eye-catcher in almost every studio environment.”
  • “During the first listening test, a very warm and pleasantly dry bass reproduction was immediately noticeable. The delivered bass foundation was clean and sovereign throughout and at no time did one have the feeling of missing an additional subwoofer.”
  • “All in all, the mid-range reproduction was very natural. The high frequencies are, as is typical for Adam products, extremely fine and precise and – always in consideration of the fact that we are dealing with a mid-range monitor – very detailed.”

“For about 600 Euros you get a pair of nearfield monitors that shine on the one hand with a good and well-founded bass reproduction, but also with a precise reproduction of the stereo image.”

The complete review can be read here in German.