S3V Review Proaudio

Markus Thiel, writing for Proaudio, reviews our S3V midfield monitor and draws the following conclusion:

  • “What Adam Audio’s S3V is able to convince in just a few moments is a rarely large and fine-resolution stage, which fascinatingly has an equally luxurious sweetspot.”
  • “In general, the speakers have an extremely quick and impulse-true response and an exemplary crisp transient reproduction. Above all, the attack of acoustic guitars and dynamically played pianos stands out razor-sharply vividly but never obtrusively.”
  • “The stereo field of this pair of monitors offers an unusually wide range of movement without the overall sound being felt anywhere in the room, even marginally.”

“With Adams S3V, hours of listening sessions can also be done without any particular signs of fatigue despite highly precise reproduction. These systems are real workhorses for medium-sized project and large commercial studios…”

The complete review can be read here in German.