Pro Tools Expertreviews our Studio Pro SP-5 headphone

The ADAM Audio SP-5 headphone is reviewed by Pro Tools Expert

Dan Cooper, writing for Pro Tools Expert, reviews our first headphone, the Studio Pro SP-5, and comes to the following conclusion:

  • “In short, the overall sound stage is crystal clear, deep and detailed.”
  • “These are not bass heavy headphones by any stretch of the imagination, instead the low end performance is tight and rounded and the reproduction of low sub bass sounds planted and purposeful.”
  • “Mixing with the ADAM SP-5 is a great experience. The depth and clarity of the sound stage is so precise that small EQ moves and subtle reverb tweaks are heard immediately with confidence.”
  • “The isolation from these ear pads is incredible, so good in fact that I found I was more confident than usual when I was monitoring my acoustic guitar, drums and vocal performances in a recent tracking session.”
  • “The headphones never gave me that braced feeling around my ears that I sometimes get from wearing other headphones which generally puts me off using headphones for long mix and editing sessions.”
  • “For me the SP-5 compliment my current ADAM monitoring setup as the two share tonal similarities which saves me a little time in my tracking workflow from second guessing my preamp choices in tracking situations.”

“Without a shadow of a doubt, ADAM Audio’s SP-5 headphones are in my books a big hit.”

The whole review can be read here.