Pro Tools Expertreviewed our S3V midfield monitor

Pro Tools Expert reviews the S3V

Julian Rodgers, writing for Pro Tools Expert tests our S3V midfield monitor and draws the following conclusion:

  • “Enough of the package, how do they sound? In a word, really really nice. More specifically they have the perceived effortlessness which you always notice when you move up a division in terms of size and quality.”
  • “The top-end presentation of the ADAM tweeter is distinctive and until I’d spent time with them I’d always assumed “distinctive” to be a bad thing. This isn’t the case. They are different but sound very good indeed. The word I’d use is sharp but that might suggest harshness. I mean sharp in the sense of focused.”
  • “Tonally the word which comes to mind is clarity and transparency.”

“The bottom end is ample and well-controlled. […] It goes right down low and doesn’t make a fuss at any point getting down there.”

The complete review can be read here.