MusicTechreviewed our new T5V Nearfield Monitor

The ADAM Audio T7V studio monitor is reviewed by Amazona

MusicTech rates our new T5V near-field monitor as the perfect entry-level monitor

John Pickford, author for MusicTech, tested our new T5V nearfield monitor. Receiving full marks it received the Excellence Award as well as the Value Award:

  • “Unlike some designs that take a warts ’n’ all view on accuracy and transparency, these monitors’ broad mid-range and treble is noticeably sweet without sounding bright or hyped.”
  • “Speech and vocals – the acid test for any monitor – sound natural and truthful albeit with a smidgen of sugarcoating. Only here did the T5Vs deviate from the current trend for stark, brutal honesty, displaying a musical heart without sacrificing detail retrieval.”
  • “Dynamic expression – the ability to hear subtle changes in level of individual instruments within a mix – is quite remarkable for a monitor of this size. Their ability to go from quiet to loud during musical crescendos can be dramatic.”
  • “The T5Vs greatly impressed all who heard them and while they aren’t the last word in unvarnished, ruthless transparency, the T5Vs are accurate and neutral enough to richly deserve their professional studio monitor status.”

“The T5V offers superb sound at an astonishingly low price. Its accurate, wideband delivery betters some designs at many times the price. It’s a brilliant product.”

The full review can be found here.