MusicTech tests ADAM S2V studio monitorwith excellent results

ADAM Audio S2V studio monitor reviewed by MusicTech

The British Pro Audio magazine takes a deep look into the ADAM Audio speaker

The editors of renowned MusicTech magazine reviewed the ADAM Audio S2V studio monitor and came to outstanding results:

  • “The S2Vs resolved all the musical info with pinpoint precision, revealing the most subtle details with razor-sharp incisiveness.”
  • “[…] if there are any technical problems in the recording, it will reveal them in no uncertain terms.”
  • “When creating the stereo picture, the S2V’s impressive imaging capabilities allowed me to precisely place the guitars, Hammond and percussion in the soundstage.”
  • “ADAM’s S2V is a world-class, versatile nearfield monitor. Its seamless tonal integration and lightning-fast transient response makes for a highly revealing system that can be tailored to suit existing monitoring setups, while providing all the detail, depth and resolution bedroom producers would ever need.”

The full review is available here.