Musicoffreviewed our new T7V studio monitor

The ADAM Audio T7V studio monitor is reviewed by Musicoff

Musicoff reviewed our new T7V studio monitor

Antonio Cangiano, author for Musicoff, reviewed our new T7V studio monitor:

  • “The characteristics of these monitors are that they have a huge precision when it comes to vocals and acoustic instruments.”
  • “The tweeter should be mentioned, which acts very ably, being decidedly sharp and very precise.”
  • “The test lasted for round about 12 hours, in which the monitors played without pause, to check if they had any problems with overheating: I could recognize that the amplifiers worked well and had no problems with temperature.”

“ADAM has certainly developed a killer product for this price range. It can define the home studio market and guarantees a long lifespan before you need an upgrade (which will cost a lot of money).”

You can read the full review in Italian here.