The Swedish magazine "Monitor"reviewed our S3H midfield monitor

The ADAM Audio S3H studio monitor is reviewed by Tidningen Monitor

The Swedish magazine Monitor reviewed our S3H midfield monitor

Frederick Norén, author for the Swedish magazine Monitor, reviewed our S3H midfield monitor:

  • “I recognize that I am listening to a pair of three-way speakers because Patricia Barber sticks like a stamp in the middle of the soundtrack and I feel her lips moving. Impressive!”
  • “The speakers are able to represent the presence of the song and its bass range in a very beautiful manner.”
  • “The bass is tight and controlled, the stereo panorama is wide and defined and transient resolution is clear without being intrusive.”
  • “It doesn’t occur often that I’m listening to monitors, that immediately tell me, what my production needs.”

“The ADAM S3H is a really good monitor that offers a thrilling sound experience with full control.”

You can read the full review in Swedish here.