German computer magazine c't reviews ARTist 3 and ARTist 5 multimedia speakers


The well known german computer magazine c’t has reviewed the ARTist 3 and ARtist 5 multimedia loudspeakers in its June ’11 issue. Here are some excerpts of that review:

ADAM Audio is renowned in the circle of musicians and sound engineers for their excellent studio speakers. With the new ARTist series the Berlin based company is merging active nearfield monitors with Multimedia speakers. Sound engineers tend to listen to their mixes through nearfield monitors when working in the studio as room acoustics don’t play such a big role in such a setup. What characterizes nearfield monitors, is their broad frequency range and a linear frequency response unlike hifi speakers which tend to be hyped in the lows and highs. Nearly all multimedia speakers on the market are more similar to their siblings from the hifi segment, a tradition that ADAM Audio breaks with. […] Apart from the typical hook-ups used in professional monitors, such as XLR and cinch, the ARTist’s feature a TRS con- nector (or audio jack) on the front and a USB hook-up on the rear. The later works without any additional drivers and lets the speakers link to the PC without any difficulty whatsoever. […] Both (ARTist 3 and ARTist 5) speakers sounded very good while listening. With their high precision sound even encoding artefacts in mp3’s were rendered audible. But to call their sound boring would be a lie. Even if the ARTist 3 does not play in the extreme lows their sound found many friends with the staff.
c’t, issue 13/2011