LikeHifireviewed our SP-5 studio headphone


Thomas Kirsche, writing for LikeHifi, reviewed our SP-5 studio headphone and drew the following conclusion:

  • “We hear with every note that the music sounds perfect. Every instrument has its position in the room and unfolds its character there. This is really remarkable and we haven’t experienced anything similar from other headphones in this way. No wonder Adam Audio advertises these headphones as making studio monitors almost superfluous.”
  • “Anyone who has ever mixed a song knows how terrible something sounds that was mixed exclusively on headphones. Speakers are always necessary. With the Adam Audio Studio Pro SP-5, we can actually do the mix without them.”
  • “Furthermore, the Studio Pro SP-5 has all the virtues we expect from headphones in this price range. They have excellent resolution. They sound like monitors, really neutral.”
  • “Because of their neutral sound, which does not cause hearing fatigue, they are at home in all kinds of music as well as radio plays and film soundtracks.”

“With the Studio Pro SP5, Adam Audio delivers real studio headphones that make it possible to put the monitors aside for a moment. Aside from their professional use, they are very good sounding headphones that convinced us with their perfect three-dimensionality.”

The complete review in German can be read here.