Kopfhoerer.dereviews our Studio Pro SP-5 headphone

The ADAM Audio SP-5 headphone is reviewed by Kopfhoerer.de

Christian Kalinowski, writing for Kopfhoerer.de, reviews our first studio headphone, the Studio Pro SP-5, and emphasizes the following observations:

  • “The Studio Pro SP-5 didn’t just convince me, it impressed me.”
  • “This is mainly due to the fact that the headphones deliver top performance in all three core disciplines – frequency response, stereo resolution, and dynamic/transient reproduction.”
  • “And then there’s the exemplary dynamics and crispness with which the listener transmits impulses.”
  • “All in all, the result is a sound that is not only compact and sophisticated, but also extremely modern and really fun.”
  • “These headphones even manage to reconcile the two – actually opposing poles – namely neutrality on the one hand and listening pleasure on the other hand.

“The Studio Pro SP-5 is Adam Audio’s grandiose debut in the headphone segment.”

The complete review in German can be read here.