Keysreviews our new T5V Nearfield Monitor

The ADAM Audio T5V is reviewed by Keys

Keys sees our T5V as a great entry into the budget monitor market

Martin Person, writing for Keys, takes our T5V Nearfield Monitor for a spin and draws the following conclusions:

  • “As expected, the T5V immediately pleased us with the typical airy, open and yet unobtrusive ADAM sound in the high range.”
  • “All audio material had a good spectral balance between the crossover frequency of 3 kHz and the upper top end.”
  • “In addition to a wide, stable sweet spot, the positions of phantom sources could be precisely determined at any time, and the display of spatial information for monitors of this price class appeared to be extremely precise and handy.”
  • “The deep bass reproduction makes the T5V a solid all-round monitor in the price-conscious home or project studio.”

“ADAM Audio’s entry into the budget monitor market can be described as impressive.”

The complete review in German can be read here.