Gearslutzreviewed our new T8V nearfield monitor

gearslutz professional audio T8V

Arthur Stone, author for Gearslutz, reviewed our new T8V nearfield monitor and draws the following conclusion:

  • “Stellar performance for the money. Lovely ribbon highs and smooth punchy deep bass. Pleasing to listen to and a reliable reference for translation to other playback systems.”
  • “I thought the T8V’s might be a step-down to lower-quality sound with cheap giveaways such as obvious distortion or cabinet resonances – but there were none. In fact the T8V displayed many of the qualities of its more expensive counterparts and the sound is remarkably consistent between them all.”
  • “The T8V’s are a bit larger than some nearfield monitors but, if sonics are your primary concern, then you’ll get used to them quickly, with their light-bending aesthetic.”

“The T8V’s are not shabby or compromised despite the relatively low-cost. Design, components and build quality add longevity and value. Most importantly they sound great and using them for making or listening to music is an enjoyable experience.”

The complete review can be read here.