Gearslutz review the ADAM Audio S2V studio monitor

ADAM Audio S2V Review at Gearslutz.

The ADAM S2V Studio Monitor clearly convinced the reviewers of

The renowned audio community tested the ADAM Audio S2V studio monitor which scored with 5 out of 5 points in the categories “Sound Quality” and “Features”:
  • “I was impressed these speakers sounded much bigger than their size and the overall quality of the stereo-imaging was much better than I had expected and they also had the sort of mid-range weight I expect from three way speakers. The S2V are definitely a step up from all previous ranges of ADAM speaker, the off-axis response is way more solid, the tweeter itself seems the most “smooth” whilst simultaneously having the best transient response.”
  • “I normally take a little time to get to know speakers before doing important work on them. However, with the S2V I felt immediately comfortable and I continued to spend the rest of the day mastering an album on them. After finishing and comparing my work across my other speakers and other environments I was impressed with how the work translated.”
  • “The sound quality on this range of speakers is undoubtedly ADAM´s best yet and I was a big fan of the previous generation of S series speaker.“


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