ADAM ARTist 5: Fairaudio review


On-line magazine gives ARTist 5 a thorough test

ADAM Audio’s ARTist 5 loudspeakers have been given a detailed review by Fairaudio, the on-line magazine. Here are a few excerpts from the original review in German, suitably translated:

  • “They achieve a tricky balancing act, combining forensic detail with a flawless sound”
  • “The ADAM Audio ARTist 5s deliver tangible, three-dimensional imaging. The sound stage has a beautifully graduated sense of depth, and gives the impression of extending beyond the speakers to the sides and rear.”
  • “The ADAM Artist 5 delivers every nuance, particularly in the mids and highs, which are reproduced very neutrally.”
  • “Responds instantly and smoothly to changes in dynamics, especially in the mid-range.”
  • “Such is the high-resolution design of this reference monitor, you can even make out the details of the various different microphone techniques used on a recording.”

You can read the full article here (German).