F5 monitors reviewed by Macworld


Berlin, April 17, 2014

One pair of our F5 entry-level monitors recently got tested by Macworld for their desktop usability. Please read the conclusion of the review below.

“I’ve had a pair of F5s on my desk for the past month, and I’ve grown to love them. All my music is there – the bass is nicely defined without feeling jacked up, the midrange is present but not muddy, and the high end is clear without shrillness. When the speakers are properly placed, the stereo field is nicely expansive. […]

It may seem like a lot to spend $550 for a pair of speakers that you place on your desk. And if all you want from those speakers is to hear the occasional system alert and listen to the sound accompanying YouTube videos, perhaps it is – an F5 system really isn’t for you. But $550 for a great pair of compact near-field monitors is hardly an extravagance for those who take their music (and music making) seriously.”

Christopher Breen, Macworld, February 13, 2014

You can find the full review on Macworld.com.