F5 reviewed by Juno Plus


Berlin, May 23, 2013

Juno Records’ editorial webpage for reviews of records and DJ/studio equipment Juno Plus has compared our new F5 monitors to other contestants recently. Please read the conclusion below.

“Having listened to ADAM speakers in a showroom next to other comparable brands, this writer found that there was a big difference in clarity between ADAM and their nearest rivals. Further to this we compared the F5 to the A5, and although the A5 had the edge, we found the difference in definition to be minimal. If the F5 is slightly too small for your needs, then there is also is the F7, which features a larger 7” woofer, and a SubF monitor allowing you to get your ears around the deep end of your mixes. If you are not satisfied with the monitoring in your current setup, it’s well worth giving the new F series from ADAM some consideration.”

Rob Lee, Juno Plus, February 19, 2013

You can find the full article here.