Brand new F5 and F7 monitors reviewed by Recording Magazine


Berlin, December 18, 2012

In the January edition of the american Recording magazine the first review can be found of our highly anticipated F5 and F7 monitors. Please read some passages of the review’s summary below.

“[…] As should be expected, the smaller F5s give a narrower sound field, and as soon as I switched from the F7s to the F5s the stage not only narrowed but the overall impression of the music was more forward, tighter, in my face. That’s what speaker size will do. At times I preferred this forward character from the F5s, as it can help to highlight certain details. But then again, the broader sound field from the F7s makes for better overall balance.
Given these differences, I recommend listening carefully to both models and deciding which best fits your studio and gives the sound that works best for your music production style. Regardless of which you choose, both models can do good service in your studio – and with a friendly price tag we’re not used to seeing on speakers bearing the ADAM name.”

Lorenz Rychner, Recording Magazine, January 2013

For the full review please go to the review sections of the F5 or the F7 speakers.