F5 reviewed by audiofanzine.com


Berlin, May 7, 2013

The online magazine for computer-based music production audiofanzine.com took the time to thoroughly review the smallest member of the F series – the F5 – recently. Please read the conclusion of that review below:

“ADAM redefines its entry-level range with very affordable speakers in comparison to their other products. The German manufacturer spared nothing on design, assembling quality, controls or connections. The speaker is front-ported, and the auto-bypass helped us forget that the power switch is on the rear side. The main difference between the F5 and the ADAM series above it relates to the mid-frequency range, which is less consistent. However, the F5 is a good monitor speaker that will allow users to take their first steps and learn the basics before buying a better monitoring system… from ADAM, maybe!”

Red Led, audiofanzine.com, May 1st, 2013

You can download the full review here or view it online.