DJMagreviewed our new T8V nearfield monitor

DJMag reviews the T8V

DJMag tests our new T8V nearfield monitor and draws the following conclusion:

  • “While offering more ‘bang for your buck’, the T8V is still situated perfectly for use in project and home studios and offers a wide listening sweet-spot.”
  • “In testing, we found that the T8Vs outperform a lot of other well-known monitors within this price range and some equally more expensive, offering a punchy and detailed sound, with clarity.”
  • “The bass extension as we’ve mentioned is lower on the T8V and is really noticeable especially when comparing to the T5V or even the T7V.”

“ADAM Audio delivers a speaker that offers large monitoring sound and performance at a price range that is amazing value for money.”

The complete review can be read here.