DJ Magreviewed our new T5V nearfield monitor

The ADAM Audio T5V is reviewed by DJ Mag

DJ Mag sees the T5V as a welcome addition to anyone’s studio

The online magazine DJ Mag reviewed our T5V nearfield monitor and found the following:

  • “The sound is quite neutral, very true, there are no hypes in the top end and the bottom isn’t overly boomy or warm — the sound across the frequency range is quite tight.”
  • “The stereo imaging was also very good.”
  • “Working on the T5V over long periods of time wasn’t as fatiguing as we’ve found on other cost-effective monitors. The surprising thing is that these are 5-inch drivers; however, the audio sounded a lot bigger than one would expect from that size.”

“Overall, the T5V are a great speaker that sound and perform above and beyond its cost-effective pricing and would be a welcome addition to anyone’s studio.”

The complete review can be read here.