Digital DJ Tipsreviewed our new T5V nearfield monitors

The ADAM Audio T5V studio monitor is reviewed by Digital DJ Tips

Digital DJ Tips reviewed our T5V nearfield monitor

On their YouTube channel Digital DJ Tips reviewed our T5V nearfield monitor:

  • “ADAM Audio is known for its legendary X-ART tweeters, such as those found on the popular A7X monitors, and the U-ART is the company’s latest tweeter for budget monitoring that still employs a ribbon element, giving you those signature silky highs that ADAM Audio is known for. “
  • “The imaging is excellent given the size and the price.”
  • “I can monitor at relatively low levels to hear, if my mix is packing the right amount of energy and I can turn them up when I want to look for details. It sounds good at both low and loud volume levels.”

“It blows away active monitoring speakers in its price range, and even some older, more expensive models from comsumer brands like M-Audio and KRK.”

You can watch the video here:



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