Classic Column Mk3 Review by Stereo Sound Magazine Japan


Berlin, July 3, 2013

The Summer 2013 issue of the Japanese Stereo Sound Magazine (No. 187) features a massive high end loudspeaker review. The models selected for this huge listening session that took two days came from B&W, KEF, Fostex, JBL, Sony, Kripton, Vivid Audio, Magico, Dynaudio, ADAM Audio and others. We are very pleased to see that three out of the four reviewers rated the ADAM Classic Column Mk3 amongst the ‘Best Three Speakers’. Please read below a translated passage of the review by Koji Yamamoto, contributing author for Stereo Sound and Home Theater Magazine, that describes his listening experience with the ADAM Column Mk3.

“Adam is the best-balanced speaker of all the speakers we tested, for its quality and taste of the sound. This is an excellent speaker system, as I could not find any point to complain. Its fundamental frequencies are well expressed like an upper class speaker system. The atmosphere of the music is very well transferred and it also reveals a sense of the musician’s being. I did not felt any shortcomings of the delicate expression when the music got quiet. I am really in love with the sound of the very solid piano by J. Gonzales and the very thick and deep alto voice of Konitz. Also, I was impressed by the thrilling performance of the piano concerto, as I could almost see the particles of the sound emitting into the air. The harmony of the string quartet is thick and well textured, which emerged in front of me, revealing tasteful and refined elegance with the details of periodic instruments. Impressive with its quality of the expression, the music is played with reality, emotion and power.”

Stereo Sound Magazine, issue #187, summer 2013