Bonedoreviewed our T5V nearfield monitor

The ADAM Audio T5V studio monitor is reviewed by Bonedo

The online magazine Bonedo reviewed our T5V nearfield monitor

The online magazine Bonedo reviewed our T5V nearfield monitor:

  • “The built quality of this inexpensive monitor is above board and there are no striking abnormalities. The controls on the back project confidently from the metal covering panel, which is firmly screwed on.”
  • “Using the air motion concept The U-ART tweeter guarantees for the precise representation of transients, allowing it to be used for critical evaluation and editing.”
  • “Considering its price, [the T5V] allows astoundingly precise location of individual sound sources in the stereo panorama, supporting active mixing operations.”
  • “Considering the excellent quality of sound at such an inexpensive price, we have to call the ADAM monitors a no-brainer for small homerecording studios and editing workstations.”

“For price-conscious producers and also for just listening to music, I can absolutely recommend the ADAM Audio’s entry-level model!”

Read the full review in German here.