Bonedotests our premium headphones SP-5

The ADAM Audio SP5 headphone is reviewed by Bonedo

Bonedo tests our premium headphones SP-5

Peter Könemann, writing for the online magazine Bonedo, takes a look at our premium headphones Studio Pro SP-5 and comes to the following conclusion:

  • “The quality and the natural character of the frequency mapping of Adam Audio’s first studio headphones are impressive and undoubtedly play in the professional league!”
  • “Also of amazing quality and authenticity is the reproduction of transients, low frequency impulses and musical dynamics. Given how the SP-5 performs here, I’ve only heard a handful of headphones and good studio monitors that match this.”
  • “The Adam Audio Studio Pro SP-5 is an overwhelming studio headphone whose reproduction characteristics definitely have the same attributes and qualities as the manufacturer’s high-quality studio monitors.”

“From my point of view, the SP-5 is a top recommendation in the closed headphone category for sound professionals and musicians, which other manufacturers will have to measure up to in the future!”

The complete test in German can be read here.