Beat.dereviewed our new T7V nearfield monitor

The ADAM Audio T7V studio monitor is reviewed by reviewed our new T7V nearfield monitor

Jan Wilking, author at, reviewed our new T7V nearfield monitor:

  • “The T7V delivers a very balanced and unobtrusive sound. Typically for ADAM the high frequencies are very well imaged.”
  • “The consistent reproduction of high frequencies via the waveguide gives you a very broad sweet spot, so that you can change the position while mixing without any problems.”
  • “Noteworthy is the ability to work for a very long time without any ear fatigue.”
  • “With good workmanship, professional looks and balanced sound, the ADAM T7V are a very good choice for every studio on a budget.”

“During our review the speakers showed no real weaknesses and offer an excellent price/performance ratio.”

You can find the full review in German here.