Beat.detakes a close look at our T5V nearfield monitor

The ADAM Audio T7V studio monitor is reviewed by Amazona appreciates the sound and craftsmanship of the T5V

Jan Wilking, author of the online magazine, reviewed our T5V nearfield monitor and emphasizes the following features:

  • “The spatiality and detail of the image are very good.”
  • “With good workmanship, professional design and balanced sound, the ADAM T5V is a good choice for any studio with limited space and budget.”
  • “In addition, the ADAM T5V offers a very good treble reproduction, a decent bass considering the small size and an excellent sense of depth.”

“Like their big brother, the T7V, the studio monitors showed no real weaknesses during the review and offer an even better price/performance ratio with a more present mid-range picture.”

The complete review in German can be read here.