Audisseusreviewed our T7V nearfield monitor


Fritz I. Schwertfeger, writing for Audisseus, reviews our T7V nearfield monitor and draws the following conclusion :

  • “The ADAM Audio TV7 proves that audiophile virtues can slumber even in an entry-level speaker.”
  • “A remarkably well-corresponding bass is added, which blends in nicely with the existing sound image. This gives the overall sound a pleasant airiness because the bass is not overly dominant.”
  • “You want to pat the Adam Audio T7V more than appreciatively on the shoulder because of its pleasingly wide sweet spot. While some loudspeakers demand an almost meditative, motionless posture, the Adam Audio enables a relaxed sitting posture in which even relaxed lolling does not spoil the pleasure.”
  • “It obviously plays in an airy manner and beats its more expensive rivals bravely with charmingly intense vocal intonation, exact spatial reproduction precision and a fluid, detailed bass playing. All in all, it appears tight, sinewy and very fast, seems analytical without being over motivated to get down to business.”

“Generally speaking, the T7V sounds much more than its price tag would suggest and can therefore be considered a real insider’s tip.”

The complete review in German can be read here.