Audiophile Heaventestet unseren SP-5 Studio-Kopfhörer


George Dobrescu, writing for Audiophile Heaven, reviews our SP-5 studio headphones and comes to following conclusion:

  • “On the music production side of things, I think that the low leakage and high isolation are quite excellent, you can do live mixing and such without an issue, even during a concert, when wearing Adam Audio Pro SP-5.”
  • “The sound of Adam Audio Studio Pro SP-5 can be described as extremely precise, very detailed, very bright, clear, clean, you can say that it has a perfect phase, and although this seems strange, it has a smooth texture in the bass and in the treble, despite having a very precise and natural texture in the midrange.”
  • “It has one of the best bass reproductions I have ever heard in the 500 USD price range, and I’m not talking about the quantity, but about the speed and precision.”
  • “In the treble, you can expect a really smooth texture, although it isn’t inexistent, but it is smooth rather than absolutely natural, most probably so you can work on your music for hours without having listener’s fatigue.”
  • “The dynamics are also great, which helps a lot, especially in music production, because you want to know the moment you still have the dynamics, and the moment you lost them to processing.”
  • “If you’re talking about the sound, there’s little chance to find anything quite as revealing, clear, yet with a bass this smooth and deep, yet so neutral in quantity, with such a great phase, and such an amazing precision at revealing details, as well as issues in your music, so audiophiles looking for the latest in detail and clarity, at this price point, this is a holy grail for 550 USD.”
  • “Also, music producers, you really found the golden one to show everything under a microscope.”
  • “If you’re looking for a really wide-sounding, dynamic and perfect-phase headphone, if you’re looking for a headphone to cut you from the outside world, and if you’re looking for a truly professional headphone with a bleeding edge precision, then you want to check out Adam Audio Studio Pro SP-5, the truly impressive result of two giants working together.”

“Adam Audio Studio Pro SP-5 makes its entry at 550 USD in Audiophile-Heaven’s Hall Of Fame from the moment of publishing its review, as one heck of an impressively build headphone for music production, mixing and mastering, priced well, and with amazing detail, dynamics, clarity and speed.”

The complete review can be read here