Audio Testputs our T7V nearfield monitor to the test

The ADAM Audio T7V studio monitor is reviewed by Audio Test

Audio Test puts our T7V nearfield monitor to the test

Johannes Strom, writing for the magazine Audio Test, puts our T7V nearfield monitor through its paces and states:

  • “Warm and yet natural. Soft and exact at the same time.”
  • “The example of Woodkid’s title “Stabat Mater”, which demands a great balance between brute kick bass drums, broadly staggered choirs and sibilant voice from the loudspeaker, clearly shows where the strengths of the loudspeaker lie: In the tuning.”
  • “ADAM Audio has actually succeeded in porting its proven concept, a signature sound and an optical system with a high recognition value, to the market at a competitive price.”

“The ADAM Audio T7V is a successful balancing act between attractive price and solid sound.”

The complete test in German can be read here.