AUDIO TEST reviews the ADAM S5V studio monitorwith a "Very Good" rating

ADAM Audio S5V Studio Monitor reviewed by Audio Test

The magazine AUDIO TEST takes a closer look at the S5V studio monitor

Alex Röser and Stefan Goedecke reviewed the S5V main monitor for the AUDIO TEST magazine which reports on everything from the audio world and gave it a “Very Good” rating:

  • “Overall, we are once again impressed by the creation ADAM has dished up. Listening to classical music and our favorite genre, the Blues, the ADAMs don’t add an own tone and behave as analytically as a surgical scalpel.”
  • “ADAM has always stood for an honest and vivid sound without too much individuality or demanding too much attention. The S5V are no exception and prove to be a more than competent monitor for professional studio work. Thanks to a DSP it offers lots of possibilities to adapt to your environment and your personal preferences. Superb!”
  • “With a price of almost 6000 Euro each, the S5V isn’t what you call a steal, but for use in the pro audio segment a solid investment with reference quality. That’s why we give a clear purchase recommendation for professional studio work!”

Read the full review in AUDIO TEST issue no. 7 2017.