ARTist 3 review in german HIFI magazine "stereoplay"


Berlin, December 20, 2011

The ARTist 3 is the smallest loudspeaker in ADAM Audio’s range to date, designed for home use and for multimedia applications in particular. The magazine stereoplay took a closer look at it recently. Here you can find a few excerpts of this review:

A small but total work of art

ADAM’s compactly designed ARTtist 3 speaker is a true gem. […]
The small ARTist 3 lives up to the legendary reputation of this exceptional speaker. Everything that can produce higher pitches sounds wonderfully smooth and lucent through them. Brass, guitars, drums as well as vocals appear so absolutely clear as if they would be reproduced by a real expensive high-end speaker.
[…] ADAM has created a small but total work of art which will bring loads of fun to those who enjoy listening at close range.

The full review can be found in the printed issue (09/2011) of stereoplay, page 42.