reviews the ADAM S2V Nearfield Monitor

ADAM Audio S2V studio monitor reviewed by amazona

The renowned online magazine for musicians has tested the ADAM S2V nearfield monitor thoroughly

Writing for Chris Pfeil reviewed our high class ADAM Audio S2V Studiomonitor. The results were remarkably good:

  • “Impressively, spatial characteristics and reverbs are presented in a way that is spread out, like a fan, making even the finest nuances audible. That’s very helpful when building the low end of a mix, giving the user a feeling of security. That’s also true of the incredibly differentiated imaging of the various frequency ranges. This means that individual signals are reproduced very vividly, making them wonderfully easy to work with.”
  • “What makes working with the S2V enormously accommodating is that it allows you to mix in a way that’s more targeted. They help you diagnose problems earlier and sculpt individual sounds more precisely.”
  • “Most importantly, the S2V doesn’t become exhausting or demanding to listen to, even after a period of several hours. For a monitor in daily use, that’s a very important requirement.”
  • “The sonic picture is highly linear and balanced, and the panorama spreads very widely. Both foreground and background sounds are reproduced in a way that’s rich in detail.”

You can find the full review (in German) here.