Amazonareviews the ADAM Audio S3H midfield monitor


Chris Pfeil, writing for Amazona, reviewed the ADAM Audio S3H midfield monitor and draws the following conclusion:

  • “Thanks to their enormous neutrality, the S3H do justice to all genres and mercilessly reveal the great differences between the production methods.”
  • “The extremely pleasant highs of the S-ART Air-Motion-Transformers sound incredibly open and silky. They have an airy, clear tone that is still strictly analytical, without stressing or tiring the ear after several hours of work.”
  • “Also very impressive are the extremely well-defined mid-range frequencies. Especially the upper mids provide a strong presence due to their bright character and immediately reveal overly harsh accentuation. Likewise, muddy sounds in the lower mid-range are rigorously unmasked.”
  • “The full-bodied bass range is remarkably clearly articulated and has a tight texture, which once again allows for a exceedingly precise optimization of the sound. The punchy, powerful bass really gives a lot of pleasure without having to worry about it being over-proportionally reproduced.”
  • “Basically, all sounds can be shaped exactly, which makes a mix more transparent. Thanks to the high-resolution panorama display, the same applies to the depth staging. Spatial and reverb trails are reproduced vividly, which allows three-dimensional work on the sound.”

“The ADAM S3H are first-class studio monitors with no shortcomings.”

The complete review in German can be read here.