A7X reviewed by german video magazine Videofilmen


In its April issue the german magazine Videofilmen reviewed three active speakers for under 500 Euro including ADAM’s A7X that got rated “very good” in this test. Please read a short translated excerpt of that review below.

“Tested on sound quality, the A7X proved to be well-balanced and straightforward as it should be.”

“The A7X was handling all musical genres effortlessly from acoustic guitar pieces to Rock, Pop and Heavy Metal. The X-ART tweeter with an diaphragm that only weighs 170 milligramme was working very precisely without sounding severe. The soundstage builds up accentuated in the room between the loudspeakers for the listener.”

“For the monitor’s small size the amazingly powerful bass is very enjoyable.”

Christian Helmiss, Videofilmen 04/2014