A7X & Sub10 Mk2 reviewed by Recording Magazine


Berlin, May, 2016

The American Recording Magazine recently tested a combination of our A7X monitors together with the Sub10 Mk2 in its May issue 2016. Please read below a few passages of that review.

“Listening to the A7X by itself after a twoday burn-in, I was struck by just how good it sounded as an overall monitor.”

“Acoustic music was simply glorious on the A7X, with clarity, vibrancy, and exquisite detail. Great recordings sounded great and less-than-great recordings couldn’t hide their warts. The X-ART tweeters were especially good at highlighting digital artifacts like overzealous noise reduction and lossy data compression; they’re fantastic for the engineer who may be too eager to think of digital processes as magic black boxes that can’t screw up his audio because the computer is obviously smarter than he is!”

“The amount of power the Sub10 MK2 can deliver is seductive, especially when you have to “give good client” for rock, pop, or dance music.”

“So if you’re doing anything that relies on significant low end, you’ll want to supplement the A7X with the Sub10 MK2. The result is an incredibly powerful and well-balanced listening system that covers the full frequency spectrum with aplomb. It won’t let you down…”

Mike Metlay, Recording Magazine, Vol 29, No 8, May 2016

You can download the full article here.