A7X: "Outstanding Value for money!"


Berlin, July 29, 2010

In their 08/2010 issue, the renowned audio-magazine Stereoplay ran a test of ADAM’s A7X, which it passed with flying colors. Already its predecessor, the A7, set the standards for fair priced near-field monitors. Now the A7X had proven itself through its new drivers and twice the amplification power of its predecessor to surpass this status of the leader in its class. The test results state:

“A fair-priced all-purpose Active-monitor with the newest Air-Motion-Transformer and all the relevant equalizers. For this price-class a lively yet attentive sound with the finest high frequency resolution. Outstanding value for money!”

“To sum it up: So much class and elegance one is hard pressed to come by in this segment.”

Stereoplay, 08/2010

Review (german)