A7X review in SOS 08/2010


Berlin, August 18, 2010

“…better in every respect.”

With extraordinary test results in roughly three dozen audio magazines and voted as the leading reference concerning near-field monitors by countless users, ADAM’s somewhat dated A7 has advanced to one of the most popular monitors during the last few years. One of the first audio magazines that reviewed the A7 and flattered it with praise was the Sound on Sound (12/2006). This raised the bar on expectations for the successor, the A7X, even higher…

“The A7 was, and still is, an extremely good studio monitor, […] but the updated A7X sounds significantly more refined. Getting such a strong and transparent-sounding mid-range from a two-way speaker is quite a challenge, but ADAM seem to have managed to coax something like a three-way performance out of a two-way box […]. The extended range of the new tweeter allows the top end to sound more open and airy without adding harshness. […] the stereo imaging is excellent too. The A7X costs a little more than its predecessor — but I can assure you that it is worth it.”

Paul White in Sound on Sound, August 2010, pp. 102-103

You can download the full review here.