First review of the A7X!


Berlin, June 7, 2010

The internet blog is amongst the first to review ADAM´s brand new A7X, the successor of one of the most famous ADAM speakers in the world, the A7. This monitor had been reviewed several dozen times and won numerous of awards: big shoes to fill, indeed. So now, the A7X has to face the golden ears of sound engineers and enthusiasts around the globe. Here’s one of the very first reactions:

“On paper, the box is undoubtedly impressive and arguably packed full of enough new technology to appear a more than worthy successor to a very popular loudspeaker. However, the performance is all that really matters here, and engineers are waiting to find out for sure whether it’s up to expectations.

[…] While listening to the CD tracks it quickly became apparent that the A7X does indeed offer an expanded frequency range as compared to its predecessor, reproducing crisp highs and deep lows more effortlessly than the older model. It was also striking just how loud the monitors were, pushing out far more SPL than would normally be required to mix in a small-to-medium-sized room. […] With the old A7 model, the acquisition of a sub was often a good idea when working with particularly bass-heavy frequencies, but the initial performance of the A7X hinted at this no longer being the case. […] The HF performance of the monitors was substantially crisper than I’ve heard on A7 models, with the extra clarity in separation bringing previously hidden nuances of the recording straight to the fore.”

Result: “While no studio monitor will ever be to everyone’s tastes, Adam Audio has succeeded here in creating a box that isn’t just a worthy successor to the A7’s canny blend of price and performance, but a substantial improvement. Yesterday I wrote that engineers had not yet stopped discussing its 2010 Musikmesse launch. Having now heard this redesign for myself, I expect the Adam A7X to dominate the conversation for a long time to come.”