A77X reviewed by Recording Magazine


Berlin, November 21, 2013

In the October issue of the American Recording Magazine Lorenz Rychner reviewed our horizontally designed near/midfield monitor – the A77X. Please read a few passages of that review below.

“First impression – these guys are loud. Immediate second impression – the bass is intense.”

“Once I had the acceptable level of around 85 dB from both cabinets, I marveled at the bass extension. As it happened, the first track began with an acoustic bass playing an ostinato on a low F. Yes, it was that low! A quick A/B/C with two other monitors made it sound like adding and subtracting the lowest pipes on an organ – not all monitors have the A77X’s low-end reach! No hype, no conflict among the parallel woofers, and definitely no need for an added “real” subwoofer here!”

“Is this too much monitor for a personal studio, especially with the two woofers parallelling each other to about 400 Hz? That was my first thought, and it didn’t take long for that notion to go away. The A77X doesn’t have to play loud to satisfy, but it can get very loud and still be pure and accurate.”

Lorenz Rychner, Recording Magazine, October 2013

For the full review please go to the review section of the A77X.