A77X review by Pro Audio Review


Berlin, July 28, 2012

ADAM Audio’s latest addition to the now complete AX series of professional monitors, the A77X, is attracting more and more attention. Rob Tavaglione from online magazine Pro Audio News / Pro Audio Review has reviewed our horizontally designed studio monitor in June 2012. Please read some passages of that review below.


Despite an awkward start on my part and given enough time in use, the ADAM Audio A77X won me over. This powered monitor is nicely frequency balanced, thoughtfully designed, capable of loud performance and factory guaranteed for five confidence-boosting years.

In my carefully weighed opinion, they could use some magnetic shielding, are a bit hard to break in, are slightly “highs forward,” a little uneven in their dispersion patterns, and could throw a little more evenly for mid-field monitoring. Conversely, I believe the A77X disperses nicely for a single listener application; centered in the sweet spot, they excel in the nearfield and have the richest low-mids and most delightfully bouncy bottom end of anything I’d dare to call “highs forward” monitors.

At approximately $2,800 per pair, the A77X is certainly not a budget monitor; they are destined for professional use. Yet for the market, I believe they are ideally priced, as the quite-similar Adam SX-Series S3X-H (with identical drivers and same horizontal config as the A77X) are priced at approximately $7,000 per pair. I’ve listened to the S3X-H monitors, too, and I find the A77X to be its impressively affordable alternative.

Rob Tavaglione is the owner/operator of Charlotte’s Catalyst Recording studio and a regular contributor to Pro Audio Review.

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