A77X reviewed by MusicTech magazine


Berlin, March 27, 2012

The next review of the horizontally designed A77X comes from MusicTech magazine. Please read some extracts of that review below.

[…] Unsurprisingly, the A77Xs delivered a wide and spacious soundstage with solid left/right imaging. […] Switching over to some electronica revealed a bottom end with tremendous energy and a nice degree of slam. Kick drums sounded extremely well defined, with differences in the intensity of pedal strikes easy to discern and quick transients in the attack frequencies around 2kHz.

Opening up
Similarly, bass lines were solid and even throughout the frequency range without the irritation of vanishing notes or boominess caused by hyped low-mids. At the treble end we found the stock settings a little bit subdued in a test room with a moderate amount of acoustic treatment, but things opened up considerably when we boosted the tweeter by a couple of notches.

The midrange may be the area in which the A77Xs will divide opinion. […] All monitors have their own character to an extent and it’s incumbent on the user to learn how they respond in any given space. […] However, they are fun and easy to work with, covering all the essential functions required of high-end monitors with aplomb.

MusicTech magazine, issue April/2012