A77X reviewed by MIX Magazine


Berlin, July 17, 2013

Mix Magazine released a review of the A77X by independent audio engineer Steve La Cerra back in December. Please read in short below what he had to say about our horizontal 3-way near-/midfield monitor.

If you are considering the purchase of a pair of monitors in this price range, you really need to hear the A77Xs. They combine all the attributes required for a studio “main” monitor: They can play plenty loud, maintain linearity at a wide variety of volume levels, reveal sufficient information such that they can be trusted for a tracking session, and mixes that are made on them trans- late well when heard outside of the studio. They have usable output down to 40 Hz, yet are not much bigger than the “bookshelf”-size monitors so en vogue these days. Couple those attributes with the built-in amplification, and they’re practically a bargain.”

Steve La Cerra, Mix Magazine, December 2012

You can find the full review in our review section.